Friday, August 8


Jackie continues to muster what strength he has to keep getting through each day.  He continues to be on a restricted diet with hopes of returning to his regular diet in a couple days.  Becca has been helping us with meals and observing Jackie’s swallowing function.  So far the restricted diet is working.  PTL We need to continue to make sure he is eating and drinking enough.  He remains on IV fluids and will receive them throughout the weekend.  It is going to take a couple days for Jackie to get back on track after his recent stays in the hospital.

His goal at Magee has changed.  It is not about when we are coming home, it is about working on getting Jackie stronger.  Once he feels better we can then reset a homecoming date.  Until then the therapists are doing a lot of stretching exercises to help break some of Jackies muscle spasms.  These spasms are effecting all of his muscles groups and are throwing off his sitting and standing balance.  Yet another TBI side effect.  They seem to be endless.  Just when you think you have tackled them all, another symptom starts.

Today marked our 12th week at Magee.  We have seen a lot of patients come and go and hope that sometime soon Jackie will get his yellow ribbon on his wheelchair symbolizing a discharge date.  The Magee staff is wonderful.  They truly care about Jackie and are doing everything they can to help him heal.  Our day will come, but until then we will approach each new day with hope and patience, lots and lots of patience.