Tuesday, August 19

Focused On Today

Jackie slept in for a while. He woke up a couple times during the night so he was tired.  We spoke with Dr. K and his team and filled them in on Jackie’s doc appt with the neurosurgeon.  Just as we were helping Jackie get ready for the day, Paula came in his room.  We had missed her session yesterday and she was checking in on him.  She helped us get him up and in his chair for breakfast. Jackie ate and drank a decent amount.  PTL He was just finishing his morning meds when Amy came in for speech.  She took Jackie to her office and then went outside for the second half of their session.

As the regular schedule dictates, PT was next.  Erin took him into the gym for their session.  Jackie was more tired than he was yesterday and less verbal.  I think the long day at the doctors office was taking its toll on him. After the session we got him in bed for a nap.  He did not fall asleep right away which is unusual.  We did not want to wake him but didn’t have a choice.  He had to eat a late lunch and then head to OT.

Paula came in to get him and helped us with some ADL’s.  They went to the gym to finish the session.  Paula did a lot of stretching as Jackie was so tired.  We decided to try to get more fluid in him and went to the second floor terrace for some water ice.  He also slept for a little bit.  We came back to the room and fed him dinner to save his energy.  He then laid  in bed and fell asleep right away.  It was a shower night, but we felt he needed a nap prior to that activity.  When he woke up Jim shaved Jackie and then he showered.  We got evening meds in and then Jackie went to bed.  When our nurse went to hook up Jackie’s IV fluids for the night, he had a muscle spasm and the IV pulled out.  A late night attempt was made to put another one in but failed.  IVs have become an ongoing challenge.  We want to avoid putting in a pic line again.  We just need to  ensure Jackie is hydrated for surgery and his fluid intake is still not where it should be.

I wish I could blink and change so many things, but that is not reality.  Day by day, mile by mile we will stay focused on the now and the later will take care of itself.