Wednesday, August 20

A Motivational And Educational Day

Jackie woke up and ate a very good breakfast.  PTL I’m not sure if he was simply hungry or just excited for the day.  His best bud, Sean, was coming for the day with his Mom.  He is a PT student and was looking forward to visiting Jackie and observing and learning in a PT environment. Sean and his Mom got here just in time for speech.  The session was split in half.  Thirty minutes in the morning and thirty minutes at lunch.  The guys went with Aimee for the morning  session.

PT was next so Sean went to the gym with Erin and Jackie.  This gave Jim and I a chance to sit down and catch up with our dear friend.  We went back to the room to check in on the guys and see how the session went.  It went very well! As a bonus, Erin had scheduled a half hour of her session with Joey, Magee’s therapy dog.  Jackie loves spending time with her and it was a great way to end the session.    The combination of Sean and Joey was a win win.  Jackie was having a great day so far.  PTL It was now noon and we typically have Jackie take a nap, but today Aimee wanted to try different foods in hopes to change his diet.  She ordered chicken salad and fries and gave Jackie the choice of what he wanted.  He picked fries, so Sean and Jackie had lunch together, just the two of them.  Aimee kept her distance but was observing Jackie’s swallowing patterns to ensure he was eating properly.  It was wonderful and was probably the most normal lunch Jackie has had in a very long time!

Jackie was tired after lunch so took a nap.  Sean and his Mom and I walked to Wawa to pick up some items for Jackie.  When we returned it was time for OT.  Sean once again accompanied Jackie to the gym.  It was another great session!  Both Paula and Erin did a nice job of having Sean help where possible.  At the end of OT Jackie was walking again in the gym.  PTL  Paula said he was really doing well, in fact it was one of his best sessions yet.  Jackie was pushing himself hard and I’m sure he wanted to show Sean his best efforts.  At the very end of the session Jackie got sick.  I truly believe it was because he was working harder than he had in a while.  After the session we got him back in bed for another nap.  Before he fell asleep Sean and his Mom said goodbye.  I’m so glad they came as it was obvious how much it meant and how motivational it was for Jackie.  I also hope Sean not only learned a lot but also has a better understanding of what Jackie is doing day in and day out to get better.

Jackie took a nap and then woke for dinner.  It had been a really good day thanks to his best bud and a will to keep pushing through each day.