Friday, August 29


The start of a holiday weekend.  The schools in the Philly area don’t start back until after Labor Day so many of the Magee staffers are taking a long weekend.  Jackie’s schedule changed slightly today for that reason.  His first therapy was a mix of PT and OT and was at 10:00am in the gym.  Jackie was stretched and Dr. K stopped by and participated in the session.  He served as a focal point and target when Jackie was working on balance while releasing balloons.

Becca pushed back speech until 1pm.  This allowed Jackie to take a nap prior to the session.  She decided to have Jackie try eating a cheese steak. It was not the one from the cheese steak challenge.  That will have to wait until later.  This cheese steak was from Magee’s kitchen.  Jackie didn’t eat any bread but ate almost the entire amount of meat. PTL Even though he did well he will stay on the ground diet for now.

After lunch we worked with the nurse manager who used to be an ICU pediatric nurse at CHOP, Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia. He was able to get a new IV line started.  PTL

OT was next.  Natalie took Jackie up to the sixth floor and worked on his head and neck control as well as his eating posture.  He snacked on a Magnum chocolate covered ice cream bar that was broken up and put in a bowel. The session was successful and it was now time for another nap.

Following the pattern we have been in for the last couple days, Jackie ate a late dinner and then snacked on a whipped banana frozen dessert on the sixth floor terrace.  Jackie’s muscle spasms started kicking in so we went back down to his room and he took a warm shower.  The IV fluids were started and Jackie went to sleep.  The night was plagued with IV issues that woke Jackie almost every hour.  The fluids were able to run all night, but Jackie unfortunately did not get much rest.

Thanks for keeping Jackie in your positive thoughts and prayers. We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend full of rest. Enjoy your weekend, be safe and appreciate everything.