Saturday, August 30

A Feeling Of Normalcy

Since Friday night was not very restful we let Jackie sleep in.  He only had one  therapy session today and we were hoping to push it back to later in the day if possible.  Jackie ate a good breakfast and was looking forward to seeing Lindsay and Florent.  We were planning to have a surprise birthday celebration for Lindsay.  Florent’s parents were also stopping by as well as Nana and John.  I was able to book a conference room and Magee staffers helped us get some birthday balloons, plates, napkins and even picked up some gluten free goodies from a bakery.  Florent’s Mom made a cake and also brought some other goodies including some sparkling cider.  I blocked the conference room for a couple hours not knowing if or when we would all be able to gather at the same time.

Lindsay and Florent arrived after Jackie was finished with breakfast.  It was so wonderful to see them and get my hugs. After a little bit of catching up, Jackie took a nap listening to the details of the recent trip Lindsay and Florent made to see Florent’s sister and her family.  By the time he awoke everyone else had also arrived so we decided to seize the moment and have our impromptu party.  We all sat down around the conference table and sang happy birthday.  To our surprise, Jackie sang with us.  PTL He was sitting right beside Lindsay and she could hear every word.   When we were almost done singing Jackie began to cry.  Lindsay reached over and they embraced and cried together. It started a chain reaction of tears.  What a blessing that we were all together and Jackie was actually singing to his sister.  It was a beautiful moment and was without a doubt the best birthday present Lindsay received.

The party was short but sweet.  We took Jackie back to the room for a late lunch and afternoon meds.  Everyone was waiting for us on the second floor terrace.  Jim, Jackie and I joined them and said some goodbyes.  Lindsay and Florent were able to stay a little longer.  We went back to the room and continued to get caught up on everything that was happening in their lives.  Jackie got in bed for another nap and enjoyed listening to the stories being shared. It was not a hard goodbye because Lindsay and Florent will be back on Monday.

A late dinner followed and then it was already time to help get Jackie ready for bed.  It had been a long but wonderful day!  PTL The events of the day had given Jackie a feeling of normalcy and a taste of the life he used to have. I hope deep down inside he realizes many more of these moments will fill his life once again.  Prayer, positive thoughts and patience will get us there.