Sunday, August 31

Anticipation And Preparation

After a busy, fun Saturday Jim, Jackie and I planned for a laid back day. Jackie’s surgery is scheduled for early Tuesday morning and we are in the process of mentally and physically preparing for this next big step of his recovery.

Jackie slept in and then ate a late breakfast.  His swallowing function seems to be improving little by little with each passing day.  PTL. We decided to go outside for a little fresh air.  As we got off the second floor elevator we were surprised to see that no one was sitting outside. We ventured out and realized the heat and humidity was high.  We stayed out long enough to get some warm sunshine and then headed back inside. Jackie said he was tired so he rested in bed.   He didn’t sleep solidly like he usually does, but it still was a good break from sitting in his chair.

After lunch Jackie had recreational therapy.  We didn’t have it for a while since Jackie had been so lethargic.  It was good for him to be back working with Jenna again.  Jenna always gives Jackie two choices of what he can do and today he picked the Wii.  The gaming room that we used to visit on the fifth floor is being repurposed so we went to the gym and used a large new, mobile TV. Jackie played a couple different games.  We had to help him several times.  He was such a good gamer, I truly believe his eyesight is causing his challenges. Even though he must be extremely frustrated, he keeps plugging away.  I can’t even imagine what he must be feeling.  To lose function on your entire left side and also have impaired vision would make any of us non-motivated and sad.  Even though I’m sure he is feeling this same way, he keeps getting up every day and pushing through.  Sure makes a sinus headache or bad allergies seem trivial.

We came back to the room and Jackie got in bed for another nap.  This time he was able to get some sleep.  He woke up and had some dinner.  Jim and I ordered take out from the restaurant that has the frozen banana deserts and we all had one together.  We went to the dining room next door and looked out the large bay window at the rain.  Since we are in center city there always seems to be something going on. This weekend the Made in America concert has filled the streets with many people.  It is good for Jackie to see what is happening outside of the hospital!

Tonight was a shave and shower night.  After watching a little bit of TV he fell asleep.  Earlier in the day we read some cards to Jackie.  It is always an emotional experience but we feel it will help with his recovery.  When we were done reading through some of the cards we talked about his injury and the fact that it will just take time to get better.  We also have been talking about his surgery.  He is a young adult and needs to know everything that relates to his body from meds to surgeries.  I think he appreciates the honesty and I hope it helps him understand and learn more about TBI.

Thank you for keeping Jackie in your prayers and positive thoughts.