Wednesday, September 3 – Thursday, September 4

Recovery Leads To More Surgery

Jackie’s recovery continued on Wednesday, but things were moving slow.  Jackie was still not talking and he was experiencing the discomfort of swelling and pain. He was able to eat some ice chips in the afternoon but struggled with even just a few bites of applesauce in the evening.  He hadn’t laughed since the surgery either which is something Jackie has always done throughout all of his recovery.  I didn’t blame him. He just got through major surgery.  At one point we thought he was feeling better, but that did not last long.  Wednesday night was a little more peaceful than the night before, but he still only had short periods of sleep here and there.

It was an early morning again.  Jackie was scheduled for a CAT scan Thursday morning at 4am.  We were hopeful the results would show the progress we were expecting.  On the contrary, within a couple hours of reading the scan, Jackie was back in surgery.  To say the least, we were devastated.  I had been telling Jackie that he had finally made it through all of his surgeries, but that was not the case.  Need I say it again, TBI causes havoc all the time.  There are no easy answers or plans that are sure wins when it comes to TBI.

Jackie came back to the room around 2:00pm after his second surgery in two days.  The docs will be running tests and watching him closely over the next couple of days.  We continue to live day by day guided by prayers, positive thoughts and patience.  Sometimes, ok most times lately, it is not easy.  But staying strong for Jackie is a must.  Jackie just needs a couple baby steps to get back on track.

Near the end of the day we were thrilled to have a visit from Dr.K from Magee. He stopped in to see Jackie on his way home from work.  It was great to see him and Jackie gave him the only thumbs up of the night.  PTL