Friday, September 5 – Saturday, September 6


Recovery has been slow.  Two major surgeries with only one day in between would set anyone back a couple days, not to mention someone with TBI.  Jackie is without a doubt staying as strong as he possibly can.  He still has not spoken a word and has shown very little movement in all of his extremities.  He also has not eaten.  We did get two smiles! PTL

We have worked with the docs and are addressing his nutritional needs.  We are also going to start working with hospital PT and OT teams to get Jackie’s body moving again.  CAT scans, blood work and vital and neuro checks are the main tools being used to ensure Jackie is staying stable.  The CAT scans continue to come back positive. PTL

His head dressing came off Saturday.  He has a mixture of sutures and staples this time.  He looks good, his swelling has gone down in his face and hands. PTL. He is still having intermittent muscle spasms which we are trying to resolve with stretching exercises.

Jackie just needs time to rally back.  Each new day will bring opportunities for more recovery and baby steps to get the marathon pace back up to speed.