Sunday, September 7

Emerging From The Fog

PTL  – We are starting to see signs of improvement.  This mornings CAT scan was positive once again. Jackie even said Mom!! No other words were spoken, but one is enough for now. I was sitting across the room from him and held up the sign for I love you.  I could see he was trying to hold up the sign with his right hand.  His brain and body are just not ready to make the connection.  He was able to eat a couple ice chips today which is a baby step in the right direction.

He is still struggling with muscle spasms and IVs that don’t last long and need to be replaced.  I honestly don’t know how many more IVs he can get.  He currently has three in place.

I know I have mentioned this before, but we have been so blessed with wonderful staff everywhere we go.  There are not many positive things about being in the hospital.  The Jefferson staff is an exception.  We were able to get to know many of the nurses while Jackie was here for 44 days in April/May.  Some of our favorites have come to our room to visit us and some of them have been assigned to Jackie so we have been able to catch up.  There are a couple of them that have been following the blog and were expecting us.  We also had a CNA from Magee come visit us.  I had been staying in touch with our Jefferson therapists and we have been in contact with them since we are back.

This afternoon we watched the Eagles game on TV.  There were obviously interruptions and care that needed to be given to Jackie, but it was so nice and seemed normal.  Jim was thrilled because he was able to watch the game.  It was blocked out at home superseded by the Steelers game.  Being in Philly this long does have its advantages.

We Skyped with Linsday and Florent after the game.  Even though Jackie didn’t speak, it was comforting for him to see them and hear their voices.  We even caught him smiling. He tired easily so we kept the conversation short and plan to have more this week.

Tomorrow we should be able to confirm next steps.  There are plans in place and procedures that may need to be done before we can head back to Magee.  Jackie is ready to do whatever is necessary to ultimately get home!  Thanks for continuing to follow his journey and for cheering him along at each mile marker.