Friday, September 12 – Saturday, September 13

Baby Steps Are Back

Friday and Saturday were good days. Good days with baby steps! PTL. Don’t get me wrong, Jackie was still having muscle spasms but he has been able to work through most of them without extra medication. Overall, the spasms are less frequent and are getting shorter in duration. PTL  Jackie is learning to deal with them, even though it is obvious how painful they are.

Our neurosurgeon was able to see Jackie when he was wide awake because he was just getting through one of his muscle spasms.  The spasm subsided and Jackie was able to have a good exam.  His right side is moving again and he spoke some words PTL. Dr E, Jim and I believe it is just going to take time for Jackie to get back on track. The small improvements we are seeing will help him get there.  Prayers, positive thoughts and patience continue to be our mantra.

It is so nice seeing all of the nurses again that have cared for Jackie in the past.  We like to share videos and pics of Jackie from Magee.  It is not very often that these nurses get to see patients after their hospital stay.  They also enjoy hearing Jackie’s voice when we can get him to say hi.  We know Jackie is getting better because we saw a flirty little grin appear on his face when two of the younger nurses were talking with him about the times they took care of him in April.  We actually watched a funny video of me playing my ukulele and one of the nurses singing and snapping with Jackie.  I’m hoping the video jogged good memories for Jackie.

Late Saturday afternoon Jackie was transferred back to the Intermediate Neurological Intensive Care Unit. This is a great sign that he just needs a little bit more healing before we can go back to Magee. Magee is just shy of a mile away from Jefferson so once we get the green light to head out, follow ups will be easy.

Besides the fact that Jackie was put on a short course of antibiotics for a small infection, he is starting to make a slow but noticeable rebound.  We know that all of your positive thoughts and prayers are being heard.  We just need to be patient and let the gift of time help Jackie take the baby steps he needs to get back home.