Sunday, September 14


The hospital was unusually active this weekend, especially from a staff perspective.  Jefferson was updating its computer systems and during the outage the nurses had to log and track patient meds and activity via hard copy until the system was back up. The younger nurses were getting a taste of how charting used to be done in the old days.  I have always kept track of Jackie’s meds, and confirm the dosage prior to administration.  Another difference this weekend was the fact that our neurosurgeon was on.  It was great to be able to check in with him both mornings during the weekend.  We all agreed that we would like to get Jackie back to Magee as soon as possible. PTL We will start getting the transfer paperwork started so that when the day comes we will be ready.  Jackie did not speak to Dr. E, but did show some body movement and facial expressions.

The day was low key which was great for Jackie.  Even when we get back to Magee, it is going to take a while for Jackie to build up his stamina. Since Jim and I are back to shift sleeping overnight, we try to get as many naps in as we possibly can.

I got a text later in the afternoon that my sisters and my one Niece and her family were in the area and if ok would stop by for a quick visit.  You may remember me writing about a baby named Owen, who is now almost one year old. Jackie had really enjoyed visiting with Owen at Magee and his response was the same today.  As soon as Owen came into the room Jackie had a huge smile on his face. I haven’t seen him laugh that hard since prior to his surgeries.  PTL. Jackie also enjoyed touching Owen’s feet and hands.  The visit was short but just right.  Jackie was able to forget about his condition for a while and enjoy the company of an adorable, bundle of energy.  Jim and I reminisced about how Jackie was just like Owen when he was little; always moving.

We finished out the day watching some old NCIS episodes and then football.  Another week starts tomorrow, one with hope for more recovery, more energy and more laughter.