Monday, September 22

Back To Work

Just as Mondays symbolize the start of a work week for many, it also means going back to work for Jackie.  Everything we take for granted is work for him. After helping as much as he could to get dressed, he headed to speech with Becca.  Along with oral exercises Becca unknowingly let Jackie indulge in a marshmallow peep and a sugary fruit slice, both favorites. He was able to eat them with no problem.  PTL. Becca continues to make slow but steady progress with Jackie treating and talking with him in a way a 19 year old would enjoy.

We took advantage of the nice day and spent some time on the second floor terrace prior to PT.  Mark and Jackie then had a good session.  It seems like most of Jackie’s muscles are tight due to his injury and his recent storming sessions.  Mark and Jackie worked through it and after some stretching took just a couple steps. PTL

Jackie’s nap could not come soon enough.  OT was next, Paula picked up Jackie and took him to the gym.  The team is still working toward flexibility and range of motion in Jackie’s ankles.  Walking will be tough until they can get him back to where he was.  Paula worked with him on the standing table but could only get to 50%.  Like everything, it will just take time. Each day little by little, Jackie will get there.

After OT we stayed in the room and watched a little bit of TV.  Then it was time for a shower and bed.

I challenge you to think of Jackie the next time you feel stressed, tired or just grumpy.  Re-evaluate the situation, I’m guessing in many cases you have the choice and ability to turn your day around.  Jim recently took a walk to a Staples and bought two white boards.  One of the boards is kept in Jackie’s room.  We are working with him to write a realistic goal on it for each day.  The second board is hanging on his room door where we write an inspirational quote each day.  We are hoping it not only encourages Jackie but may also help other patients or staff at Magee as they pass by.  We thought why stop there when the quotes may also help some of you. To catch you up I have posted two quotes below.  Thanks for your prayers, positive thoughts and support.  Enjoy.

Over every mountain is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley.
~Theodore Roethke

Do something wonderful, people may imitate it.
~Albert Schweitzer