Tuesday, September 23

Settling In

Jackie woke this morning after a good night of sleep.  He also consumed the  highest amount of nutrition overnight to date.  PTL This is so important as it fuels his body for the day that lies ahead.

OT was first today with an ADL ( activities of daily living) session with Paula. This is a necessary evil.  Something so basic but something so hard for someone with a TBI.  For Jackie it is exhausting and I’m sure depressing.  Paula told us that actually learning to walk again can be easier for the brain than getting dressed.  She sent Jim and I out of the room as it is hard to watch.  With every ounce of my Mama Bear instinct, I want to put his clothes on for him.  Although that is the easiest thing to do, it is the worst thing for Jackie’s recovery.  The session went ok, but Jackie’s muscle tightness continues to hamper forward movement.  The hospital stay set Jackie back. He has been here before and can get back once again.

After the session was over we went to the 2nd floor terrace for a dose of vitamin D.  The air was brisk, but the warm sun and a cozy blanket created the perfect environment for a nap.  Jackie needed it after pushing through ADLs.

We got back to the room just in time for Mark to pick up Jackie and take him to the gym.  Mark knew Jackie was going to be tired from his session with Paula and also knew we were going to have a long day tomorrow with tests and a doc appointment.  He purposefully made the session a little bit easier than normal including stretches and standing exercise. This was just what Jackie needed.

With Jackie’s new schedule, his reward for getting through the morning is a nap.  He only has 1.5 hours to rest before the afternoon schedule kicks in.  It never fails, we always seem to have interruptions. Jackie is getting very good at sleeping through them.

When he woke up it was time for Speech.  Becca had switched her session timing with Paula and decided to see if Jackie was hungry for a late lunch.  On the menu was a chicken salad sandwich, chips and a cookie.  Jackie ate a couple bites of the sandwich and had a few chips, but focused most of his energy on the cookie.  Even though he is not that hungry, he is starting to get back to eating the foods that are on a normal diet.  PTL

To celebrate the end of therapies, we ventured back out to the second floor terrace.  Once again the day did not dissapoint.  Jackie napped on off in the warm sunshine.  The conditions seemed perfect for a Starbucks beverage.  I took a quick stroll and returned promptly with drinks for everyone.  Even though he did not drink much, Jackie throughly enjoyed his strawberry smoothie.  I think it made him feel like he was getting back to his new normal.  PTL

We came back to the room, watched a little TV and then helped Jackie get ready for bed.  Tomorrow Jackie has a  CAT scan in the morning and a follow up visit with his neurosurgeon.  Enjoy your day, be kind and don’t take anything for granted.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson