Monday, October 13

Epic Vector

Jackie started the day with a visit from Dr. K.  We reviewed meds and possible side effects that Jackie may be experiencing.  We set a plan and will continue to keep a close eye on Jackie and how he feels throughout the day.

Becca was back and took Jackie to her office for Speech therapy.  They worked on tongue and swallowing exercises.  Then they snacked on some fun things like Cheez-Its.  Becca uses different types of snacks to get a gauge on Jackie’s swallowing function.  He is still only eating soft foods for pleasure at this point. They also continued their review of cell phone usage.

Back in the room and with about an hour to go before PT, we decided to open some cards.  Lately we have been able to read more cards to Jackie than usual at one sitting.  Jackie’s emotions seem to be more under control and the cards help give him a little boost.

Right on time, Erin was at the door and ready for her PT session with Jackie.  Today they did some stretching and then headed up to the Vector. During the session Erin always guides Jackie’s left leg forward and ensures it is in place to enable his right leg to be able to take a step on its own.  She always encourages Jackie to try to move his left leg but ultimately needs to assist him. Today one small step ended up being a huge leap forward as Jackie moved his left leg one time on his own.  PTL  When they came back to the room Erin told Jackie to give us an update on the session.  Using the loudest voice we have heard in a while he said, “I moved my left leg,” and his face lit up with a smile from ear to ear.  It was an epic vector session!

After much celebration with staffers we helped Jackie get in bed for his nap.  Between a couple interruptions and just being too restless, Jackie was unable to sleep.  The time in bed was still beneficial as it gives his body a break from his chair.

During his OT session with Paula they worked on stretching and engaging Jackie’s left hand.  There is more work to be done here as the muscles in his left arm continue to be very tight and pull his arm upward.  By the time the session was over his left hand and wrist were relaxed. Paula plans to use the robot more to help engage Jackie’s left arm.

While Jackie was at therapy Jim and I spoke with the mentor coordinator for our floor.  She arranged for us to meet with a young women who suffered a TBI in a car accident and had been a patient at Magee.  She was able to go back to college to finish her degree and now works and volunteers at Magee. We also met with her Mother.  After our conversation, we believe she can help Jackie as she has been through many of the same things he is going through.  Jim and I may plan to meet with her Mom one more time to gather any parenting advice she can share.

Jackie rested a little in his chair and then we all played Wii bowling.  We have nicknamed Jackie the ‘spare man’ since he is getting good at getting all the pins down with his second roll.

It was then time to get back in bed for his overnight nutrition and for his evening meds.  Today was a great day…epic! PTL

“The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.”
~Mark Caine