Tuesday, October 14

Watch Out

Today was not a day of epic achievements, but was a good day.  After all, every day is a good day when we sit back and look at all Jackie has endured to get to this point.  I can tell Dr. K and his team are starting to feel more energized and excited about Jackie’s recent accomplishments.  It is not that any of us ever lost hope, just a little steam.  Dr. K usually comes in and sits by Jackie or stands very close to him and asks him age and interest appropriate questions.  Even though they just seem like normal conversation to Jackie, it is a way for Dr. K to get a handle on his cognitive gains including initiative.  Each exam this week has been a positive one.  PTL

Jackie seems like he is falling back into his normal 19 year old pattern of not wanting to get up or be really happy in the morning.  It could also be that today he had an ADL session with Paula.  I’m guessing in Jackie’s mind it would be like getting up at 8 in the morning at college and running a couple miles before his first class; not something Jackie would ever do.  Needless to say, it was time to get up and get moving.  Paula continues to work with Jackie so he can begin to do more for himself.  As with everything, it is slow but steady progress. It is this achievement of independence that will continue to drive Jackie’s desire to keep pushing through day in and day out.  After their session, Becca picked up Jackie for speech.  Breathing exercises, using a plastic contraption that you blow into to raise balls in cylinders was one of the things on tap for the session. I remember my Mom and Dad using these in the hospital post surgeries.  A rest on the second floor terrace was next.  The sun was strong so we mixed catching some rays with comfortable relaxation in the shade.

Jackie worked hard in PT.  Nana and John visited today and caught a glimpse of Jackie walking along the wall in the gym.  They both felt Jackie looked much more alert today.  Jim and I are with Jackie all the time so it is harder for us to see changes from day to day.  Jackie came back to the room and got in bed for a nap.  We all took turns eating lunch outside the room and then got Jackie up to finish out the remainder of his session with Paula. Jackie was close to falling asleep, but never did.

When we help Jackie sit up in bed to get in his chair, we always like to give him some time to get his bearings.  I usually sit beside Jackie on the bed and sneak a hug.  When Nana and Grandma are here, they seize the moment and take over the stabilizing role.  Today was Nana’s turn.  She was on the opposite side of the bed, saw what was going on and said, “It’s my turn for a hug.”  Jackie immediately started to pull himself up and said, “Watch out,” and then he started to laugh.  We all laughed.  This initiation of humor is another big step to healing.  PTL

After OT Nana, Jim and I went out to the second floor terrace for Jackie’s snack. It was a beautiful night. The break was short lived as it was a shave and shower night.  We went back up to Jackie’s room and Nana gathered her things and I walked with her to the train station which just happened to be the same route to the drug store.  Jim and Jackie hung out in the room until I got back.  Then it was time for a shave and shower. Once in bed, Jackie and Jim watched some of the Flyers game.  Even with his glasses, Jackie does not enjoy watching long periods of TV.  Sometimes he will fall asleep just listening to the game vs watching it.

His night was not that restful.  His sleep was blended with muscle spasms and body jumps, the kind that most of us get when we sleep, except Jackie has way more.  A new day has arrived and I hope with all my heart that it is a good one.  Many of us have the choice to make our days good or bad, count your blessings, be kind and make your day a good one!

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”
~Helen Keller