Wednesday, October 15

Making Every Day Count

Today Jackie started out a little sluggish since his night before was not very restful.  He went through the motions, got dressed and was ready for speech at 9am. Becca and Jackie’s focus continues to be his swallowing function; however, Becca always finds a way to interject some fun into the session.

It was a rainy day in the city, but we were able to take a break under the roof on the second floor terrace. The break was good as Jackie was heading into PT and a workout on the Vector.  Erin said they had another great session.  PTL

He got in bed and rested.  OT was next with Paula and this session also went well. Jackie is starting to make consistent progress in his therapy sessions and appears to be getting stronger with each passing day.  PTL

After OT Jackie was getting hungry.  He started with a Magnum ice cream bar and then moved to take out mashed potatoes and gravy.  He tires quickly but is able to eat a good amount before he has to stop.

We watched some TV and then helped Jackie get in bed.  His nutrition runs overnight and starts at 7pm.  At one point Jackie slept many hours, now he is getting back into a normal pattern and generally doesn’t truly settle in or fall asleep until 10pm.

He had a better nights sleep than the one before and didn’t wake up until right before 8am.  I know that all of your positive thoughts and prayers are reaching Jackie and helping him make every day count.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal.  It is the courage to continue that counts.”

~Winston Churchill