Thursday, October 23

Eight Months

February 23, 2014 will be a day we will never forget. It was eight months ago today that Jackie’s life took an abrupt turn. There is no reason why this senseless act of violence occurred. It is unthinkable and devastating. If any of us would have been told that eight months later Jackie would still be in the hospital, we wouldn’t have believed them. Our iPad which was new when Jackie’s journey started is now maxed out on storage with pictures and videos that chronicle Jackies recovery. While Jackie was at therapy Jim and I went through the videos to see if there were any files we could quickly delete. During the process we realized how far Jackie has come. He has made it through some really rough times. His body, so frail at times, made it through countless surgeries and infectious setbacks and had so many foreign tubes, drains and IVs we stopped counting.  What he has experienced is more than anyone should have to endure. Your prayers, positive thoughts and support have helped him make it through and we can’t thank you enough.

Jackie began the day having breakfast with Becca. He ate all of his oatmeal and had a couple sips of juice. PTL He transitioned over to the community room for his independent time and played a card game with other patients. He interacted well and even laughed at one point during the game.

In PT he worked on standing, sitting and walking with Erin. She said that his standing was very good and keeps getting better and better. PTL

Lunch was next with Becca. He continues to eat well on the restricted diet. Becca is keeping him on it as it is easier to eat and is helping to increase his stamina and improve his swallowing slowly but surely. After he was done eating he napped or should I say he rested.

Paula was off today so Brian came and picked up Jackie for OT. He stretched Jackie’s muscles and used electronic stimulation on his left shoulder. They worked out to the sounds of Usher and had a good time.

The rest of the night consisted of meds, Magnum snacks, mashed potatoes and frozen yogurt. Then is was time for a little TV and then bed. Putting the eight months aside, we are very grateful for all the time we have spent with Jackie and we celebrate the hurdles he has been able to clear as he continues to head toward the finish line. PTL

“The more obstacles you overcome, the stronger you become. Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, you get stronger and more resilient.”