Friday, October 24


Typically when you or a loved one is in the hospital you don’t use the phrase TGIF unless you are getting discharged. Weekends and weekdays all blur together into one giant block of time that doesn’t seem to have an end. Today was atypical. We were celebrating the fact that it was Friday because our furry family member Jovie was coming for a visit tomorrow. We had just seen her two weeks ago, but the fact that we would see her again so soon was a bonus and something we could all look forward to. With that said, we still had to make it through today to get to Saturday.

Jackie woke up hungry and was able to eat all of his oatmeal for breakfast. Becca saw him for half a session of speech in the morning and then planned to see him again for lunch. In between he managed to fit in a Magnum bar and then spent some time with other patients in the community room.

Erin has been working Jackie hard in PT and today was no exception. They went up to the fifth floor and had a workout on the treadmill. After several walks Jackie got off and did more assisted walking down the hallway. It was a good session. Immediately following PT he ate two helpings of soft meat and some mashed potatoes with Becca. PTL Erin’s session had worked up an appetite.

After a rest he headed to OT for some stretching. Then he worked on sitting and standing balance as well as scanning to the left. Paula also adjusted his left arm brace. Jackie is to wear it as often as he can.

After meds and some nutrition we headed to the terrace for Jackie’s second Magnum bar of the day. Then we went up to the room and settled in to the shower, shave and bed routine.

As the days tick away our thanks continues to build for the love and support we have felt from all of you. Someday thank yous will hopefully be written, but
until then please know how much we appreciate everything. PTL

“Whatever it is you’re seeking won’t come in the form you’re expecting.”
~Haruki Murakami