Monday, October 27

Monday Monday

It was Monday, the start of the hustle and bustle of the rehab work week. It was time to get back into the daily routine. Jackie spent a half hour with Becca and shortly after headed up to the fifth floor for an early PT session. Erin had reserved the electronic stimulation bike or stim bike. Jackie rode this once before and enjoyed it. They wheeled his chair up to the pedals and then strapped in his feet. The electronic impulses are given through small patches strategically placed on different muscle groups from the abdomen on down through his left leg. The more Jackie was able to use his left leg, the less electronic stimulation was felt. It was a great work out for his muscles and brain.

After a little break, Jackie had lunch with Becca. He consistently need less reminders while eating and is continuing to work up his stamina. PTL Time got away from us and we realized there was no time for a nap. Jackie reclined in his chair and rested as best as he could. Paula picked him up for OT and they worked on many things including stretching and standing. Paula also made minor adjustments to Jackie’s wheelchair.

Even though Jackie was very tired he pushed through knowing it would be an early night. We went to the patient dining room next door and sat at the table closest to the big bay window. We all ate together, things were starting to get back to normal. PTL

By a little after 6pm Jackie was in bed. He was exhausted from a day of therapies and no rest but had pushed through. We watched a little TV but it wasn’t long before he was asleep. There are many necessary interruptions throughout the night, but going to bed early would ensure a decent amount of sleep and rest. Overall it had been a good start to the week.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”
~Arthur Ashe