Saturday, October 25 – Sunday, October 26

Weekend Update

Saturday and Jovie

Eleven o’clock could not come fast enough. We were all so excited to see Jovie. Luckily Jackie had two therapy sessions in the morning which helped keep our minds off the time.

Jackie started the day with Jenna and Recreation Therapy. Jackie had the choice to play several card or board games or the Wii. It was a no brainer, he chose the Wii. He played Jenna in Wii bowling and only lost by a couple pins. He continues to get better at using the controller and seems to really enjoy playing. PTL. Shortly after Jenna’s session Jackie headed to the gym for PT. We had a therapist who was new to us but has been with Magee for years. Her experience was obvious as she stretched Jackie and even helped him take a few steps.

The rest of the day included the usual med and nutrition intake and of course Jovie. I went down to the entrance to meet her and our friends and was greeted with a full frontal attack of fur and love. She cried and I was hugging a piece of home that we all miss so dearly. We went up to the room and the furry greetings continued. She constantly amazes us with the care she uses with Jackie. She puts her front paws on his knees and gets her head as close to his as she can. It was interesting because, the entire day she tried licking Jackie’s left hand open. This is the hand that stays clenched most of the time due to spasms. Even though Dr. K joked and said it was because she thought he had a treat, I truly believe she sensed it was an area that needed healing.

It was a beautiful day so we spent time on the terrace and in the room. Two patients in particular wanted to see Jovie and it felt as if she was on her first service dog mission, even though she is not officially certified. It was great to be able to bring a smile to other patients faces. She was so good and gentle with all of them it was amazing.

The day went quickly as it always does. We had to say goodbye to her and our wonderful friends. It is a long day for them and we so appreciate their willingness to help us stay connected.

Jackie does not have much to get excited about these days, but today the smile on his face lit up the room and he too could feel the warmth of home just by seeing and petting his dog.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
~Roger A. Caras

Sunday and Football

Recently we have gotten to know another family at Magee. They are in a similar situation as their 19 year old son is in the room two doors down from Jackie. We have been trying to get the guys together, so we decided to watch the Eagles game. We were able to use a larger room on the floor with couches and a large screen TV to watch the game. They are Eagles fans as well. We were all decked out in Eagles gear and had a great time together, despite the outcome of the game. Jackie made it the whole way through until the beginning of the fourth quarter, which was huge. Even though he hardly spoke, he seemed to enjoy the ‘family’ type environment and watching the game with someone his age. It was a great day!

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”
~Lou Holtz