Friday, October 31

Happy Halloween

The fourth floor of Magee looked like a fairy tale land. Many of the staffers and some of the patients dressed up in fairy tale costumes. We decided to join in the festivities. With supplies from Grandma and Grandpa and crafting help from Nana we created t-shirts depicting the Three Little Pigs. We ordered pig noses online but two never made it on time. The one that did broke within a couple minutes. It didn’t matter, we wore our shirts and had some fun.

Becca stopped in with Jackie’s breakfast tray. Much to Jackie’s surprise, when she opened the lid, the plate was filled with bugs and a rat, plastic of course. We all had a good laugh. It was a great Halloween prank and also got us back for the silly string gag on her. They went to Becca’s office to finish the session. Becca had a bucket of candy and on the way to her office, she wanted Jackie to loudly ask people if they wanted any. They hid the plastic rat under the candy pile and shared even more laughs.

Erin was dressed as one of the three blind mice. She picked up Jackie and they had a good workout in the gym, despite the fact that the cast limits what they can do. Jackie worked up an appetite and ate a good lunch with Jim and I in the room. He was definitely tired from all of the mornings activities so we helped him into bed for a nap. He did not sleep but rested well and enjoyed listening to the conversation between Jim and I and a good friend of Jim’s from high school who stopped by for a visit.

Paula was off so another one of the Three Blind Mice, better known as Natalie, came to the room to pick up Jackie for OT. They stretched and also had a good workout. As the weather is getting colder, we decided to head to the second floor terrace for a Magnum snack. Even though we had hoodies and blankets, the fall air felt nice. When we returned to the room we talked with Lindsay for a short while. It is always a highlight of Jackie’s day and ours!

Jackie had a dinner tray delivered to the floor and he decided he would rather eat in the room than down in the cafeteria. I’m thinking a big part of his decision was due to the fact that he was tired. It had been a very busy, but fun day. He went to bed early and watched TV before nodding off.

I hope you were able to put the stressors of the day behind you and find some type of Halloween fun. Relish each day and laugh often.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.”
~Dr. Seuss