Saturday, November 1

Wii Good Time

Jackie woke up hungry. PTL He was ready for breakfast and the start of the day. At 10:00am he had Recreational therapy and once again chose to play the Wii. Jenna always offers other options, but the Wii wins out every time. Last weekend Jenna beat Jackie in bowling, today Jackie won so the rubber match is on for the next time they are together.

The day was cold and rainy. We couldn’t go out on the terrace so decided to stay in, watch some TV and snack. Jackie enjoyed some soft cut up fruit and of course a Magnum bar. After his nutrition and meds he rested in bed and watched some of the PSU game.

Before long it was time to get up and ready for PT. Since Jackie’s cast decreases his mobility, the session was focused solely on stretching. We enjoyed seeing and catching up with Karen, Marks wife who occasionally works on the weekends. There was just enough time to play some Wii after the session and prior to dinner. We took our system over to the big family room and the boys played bowling, golf and tennis while I finished up some laundry. Jim and I teamed up against Jackie for the last game of bowling and he ended up beating us with a strike and a spare in the last frame.

Jackie’s dinner tray had arrived and he ate a little bit. He gets some nutrition and meds at 4pm so his appetite is not that big. Jackie was starting to tire out so Jim helped him in the shower and then we moved him to bed. While Jackie was showering our take out food arrived. Part of the order was banana whips. Even though Jackie was already in bed, he wanted some. We elevated his bed position and gave him a couple bites to satisfy his hunger and desire for the treat. After watching a little bit of football and the Flyers, Jackie fell asleep.

Weekends can sometimes seem long, but today went quickly. It was a busy but good day. PTL

“The utility of adversity is to draw inspiration, wisdom and strength from it.”
~ Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha