Friday, November 7

Appetite For Recovery

Jackie’s appetite continues to increase.  PTL This morning he ate oatmeal and then ate some pancakes and three homemade chocolate chip cookies.  I really didn’t think Jackie was going to be able to have any of the cookies, but Becca decided to give them a try and Jackie did well.  They are still not approved for his diet, but tasting ‘real’ food is  such a wonderful treat for him.

After breakfast and speech Jackie had an art therapy session and then headed to PT.  Once again limited by his cast, Erin did a lot of stretching and made sure the cast was ok.  She put the walking boot on which made things easier to transfer Jackie from place to place.

Jackie ate a big lunch, in fact he ate double portions of soft meat. PTL  Keeping Jackie on the soft diet, may be a little boring for him but it has allowed him to build up his eating endurance.  Soft foods take less energy to chew and they have allowed him to regain confidence in his swallowing function.

He rested after he was done eating and then headed to OT.  Paula did a lot of stretching especially on Jackie’s left arm, which was very, very tight.  She also made a new custom brace to bridge Jackie until the one that is ordered comes in.

Jackie watched some ESPN and ate a magnum prior to dinner.  He then ate a good meal, got a shower and went to bed.  I feel that not only is Jackie’s food appetite increasing but so is his appetite for recovery.  PTL He is getting stronger with each day and I hope he is starting to believe that some day there will be a finish line that he will cross, not in a wheelchair but with his own two feet.

“It is often your deepest pain which empowers you to grow to your highest self.”
~Karen Salmonsohn