Saturday, November 8 – Sunday, November 9

Weekend Update

It was a busy weekend. Jackie had therapies and visitors both days. Saturdays Rec therapy with Jenna was pushed from the morning to the afternoon so Jackie could play Wii with the other patient his age. We have a lot in common with his family and both Jackie and him have been on school golf teams. The two played Wii golf and a little bit of bowling. It was a great session. On Sunday, Jenna and Jackie had their bowling rubber match. Jenna won by just a couple pins, but Jackie rallied back when they versed each other in golf.

Jackie’s therapy sessions focused on stretching and checks on his cast. He had two sessions on Saturday and one on Sunday. He ate well, napped and of course watched sports. He managed to stay awake until the end of the Flyers game on Saturday night and then fell asleep.

Between both days Jackie enjoyed the company of many relatives and a few friends. I love seeing him sit back and listen to the banter of family conversations. Even though it is tiring, I can tell he loves it as it keeps his mind off of where he is and the routine days he has come to accept. As with most of our visitors who haven’t seen Jackie in a while, they are pleasantly surprised to see his progress. PTL Jackie still has many miles to go on this journey, but is finally taking positive strides that I believe he can even see himself.

Sunday night was a busy one. Jackie needed a haircut and Jim decided to try out his barbering skills. Considering it was the first buzz cut he has given, it turned out really well. It was like a full service shop as Jackie also got a shave from his Dad. Then it was time for a shower and bed. It was the end of a very good weekend and was time to get some rest for the start of an even busier week.

I hope you could enjoy some laughs with family or friends this past weekend. I also hope you continue to appreciate even the smallest things in your lives. As Jackie continues to struggle with purposeful movement in his left arm, he often needs help scratching an occasional itch on his right arm. This makes me think about how I used to lose sight of the simple joys that we experience every day and just don’t notice. Like being able to scratch our own itches or get dressed without help. Every minute of our lives is a gift, sometimes we just move too fast to realize it.

“Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”
~Lao Tzu