Friday, November 14

Positive Progressions

Jackie spoke with Dr. K and team, got ready for the day and ate breakfast. He is consistently hungry when he wakes up and his swallowing function improves with each day. PTL Jackie and Becca went to her office for his speech session. They worked on several things including cell phone skills.

After a short rest in his chair it was time for PT. Erin reserved the treadmill on the fifth floor. The Christopher and Dana Reeve foundation helped fund the locomotor training room where the treadmill is located. Knowing how much Jackie likes his Vector work outs, I asked him how the session went. He said it was his favorite because it feels most natural of all the exercises he does. It takes three therapists and a computer operator to ensure a safe work out. It may sound like a lot of manpower for one patient, but based on Jackie’s comment, it is worth it.

Jackie definitely worked up an appetite and was ready for lunch. He is finishing all of his meals quickly and we may start asking for double portions of meat. His weight gain has been consistently 2-3 pounds a week and he is now back to his college weight. PTL

He rested in His chair prior to OT. Among other exercises Paula continues to work with Jackie on transfers from his chair to many different locations in the gym. By the time OT is over Jackie is allowed to rest in bed if necessary since at this time of day, his day rehab schedule should be over. Today he wanted to lay down and take a break.

After getting up he ate all of his dinner, watched a little TV and turned in for the night. Jackie is gaining weight and getting stronger, but is still unable to get in bed by himself, walk unassisted and use his left arm for anything purposeful. Still his initiation, speech and swallowing function continues to improve. PTL My three Ps come into play once again. Prayer, positive thoughts and patience continue to guide us through each day and have helped Jackie improve to the point where heading home is actually going to happen. PTL We continue to feel blessed by all the people who have touched our lives with love, support and friendship and for that we give our deepest thanks.

“I believe if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, if you’re grateful, you’ll see God open up new doors.”
~Joel Osteen