Thursday, November 13

New Goals

It was a busy morning, Jackie ended up eating breakfast with Becca during speech. They also worked on spoon techniques to help move food to the back of the mouth and other oral exercises. One of the exercises focused on the muscles on the left side of Jackie’s face.

Erin and Jackie headed to the vector for PT, but had to switch gears as the computer system was down. They went back down to the gym to do their usual work out. Once back in his room, Jackie ate a large lunch. His appetite continues to increase. PTL

One of Jackie’s new goals at Magee is to get him ready for his next phase of rehab. We are currently firming up plans to enroll Jackie in a day rehab program back home. A day program does not include rest time so Jackie has been challenged with omitting his bed rest in the middle of the day at Magee. In order to meet this goal he relaxed in his chair vs getting in bed. It is now even more important to ensure he is getting all of his needed weight shifts.

Paula was out today so Natalie helped with Jackie’s OT workout. They practiced putting on and off a shirt and also worked on balance while playing hockey in the gym using a cane as a stick.

When Jackie got back to the room, his mentor was waiting for him with two dishes of frozen yogurt. The two played table top corn hole and talked about things neither Jim or I could talk with Jackie about, since we have never been through something similar to what they have been through. Jackie always seems to enjoy the sessions.

Jackie was very tired by early evening. We even had to help him a little with dinner. He took a shower and then went to bed.

I hope your nights are restful and your days are full of new experiences, new goals, learning and thanks.

“The most important key to achieving great success is to decide upon your goal and launch, get started, take action, move.”
~John Wooden