Wednesday, November 12

Day By Day

Over all of these months we have learned to live one day at a time. Even though we are overjoyed that Magee has given Jackie a discharge date of November 25, we continue to focus day by day. It is just best that way.

Jackie started eating his breakfast with us and then finished with Becca. She was splitting her session with Jackie between breakfast and lunch and as usual had a surprise for Jackie. For lunch she had ordered a cheeseburger for him to try. He actually ate half of the burger before getting tired and asking to finish with the ground portion of his meal. PTL

Prior to lunch Jackie completed two additional therapy sessions. He spent an hour with Lori, Magee’s art therapist. Lori had a request at the same time to work with an older patient from the third floor. She decided pairing Jackie with this patient may be a good idea and she was right. He happened to be a Flyers fan and enjoyed hearing about Jackie’s time with the team. He also is an avid fisherman so the two told fish stories as well as they could. Jackie once again chose to paint a fishing scene with a boat and fish. What a grand day it will be when he can fish once again. Throughout the session the man had words of encouragement for Jackie. When he left the room, Jackie turned to the left and told him it was nice meeting him. The intergenerational art session was a success for both Jackie and his new friend.

Jackie went right to PT after art. Today a prosthesis and orthotics vendor was here to make molds of Jackie’s left lower leg as well as his left arm. These molds will be used to make the custom fit braces that will ultimately aid in the return of functionality on Jackie’s left side. Initially, the braces will help fight the spasticity that is inhibiting progress. In the mean time, Jackie will wear the temporary braces made by Magee and will also continue wearing his old cast overnight to keep his ankle muscle stretched.

After a short rest it was time for OT. The focus for today’s session included me. Paula came to the room and coached Jackie and I through different types of transfers. Jim has been doing most of them lately and it is time for me to start doing more especially since we are going home soon.

It had been a very busy day so far. We had just enough time for Jackie to enjoy a visit with Grandma and Grandpa on the second floor terrace and enjoy a Magnum bar before they had to catch the train.

The rest of the day included dinner, a call with Lindsay and Florent and bed. Jackie was still recovering from his big day yesterday and fell asleep quickly. The time spent with the Flyers was still having a positive impact on Jackie. I truly believe the outing made him realize that he is starting to get better and will actually be getting out of the hospital. PTL

“A Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.”
~Napoleon Hill