Saturday, March 1

Jackie’s night was not as peaceful as others.  He ended up getting sick again and his nutrients were stopped.  Plan is to start trying to slowly start him up on them again today.  We are really getting to know the staff.  Nick was Jackie’s nurse last night.  He is wonderful and we are always comforted when he is assigned to Jackie.  I know this may sound funny but he also looks like Jackie’s best friend Sean and that in itself is a comfort.

For now, the cooling blanket has been turned off. His blood pressure is also staying within the limits for his condition.

The neurology team made rounds early and although we did not talk with them, we were told they are happy with Jackie’s progress. We are cautiously optimistic and are anxious to hear the update from then Trauma and Intensive care leads later this morning.

Still feel like we are in the beginning legs of the race.  Please continue to pray for Jackie’s strength  as we go day by day.

Will post again tonight.