Tuesday, March 4

We continue to be in the trend of rough nights leading into better days.

Last night Jackie still had a fever so was on the cooling  blanket once again.  At one point most of his body was shivering so they gave him something to help.  He continued to cough, which is a good thing, even though it is hard to watch.  The docs decided to let his body rest so they put him back on the vent overnight. It seemed like he was fighting it, wanting to be in control himself.  This morning he is back to breathing on his own with moisturized oxygen flowing over the trach. He was also given something else to allow him to rest in the early hours this morning.

The treatment for the blood clot is the same, so he will stay on low levels of blood thinners.  The one main line that was put in when he first came into the hospital is being removed later today and the pic line with three ports is now in. If his blood work comes back as they expect, the pic line can be pulled in just a couple days.

Even though Jackie is still in a coma, certain therapy teams are starting their treatment.

The speech therapy team made their first visit this morning.  They examined Jackie and will be working with us for the duration of Jackie’s hospital stay.  They will eventually help him to speak while on the vent.

The physical therapy team is working with him now.  They actually have moved him to a chair.  So amazing how we need to keep Jackie’s body moving while he still sleeps.  He will be moved back into his bed within two hours and I’m hoping he will have a restful afternoon.

We can still touch and talk to him softly, but are not to over stimulate him.

Final details are being confirmed, but it appears that Jackie will be moving to another section of the hospital for further treatment.  More details to come.

It is hard to believe it is only noon and so much has happened already today.  Our thanks goes out to the wonderful docs and nursing staff, our family and friends.  We could not get through this without you.

Please continue to send prayers and positive thoughts to Jackie.