Tuesday, March 4 – Part Two

The word community is defined as a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

Since February 23 a large community of people have rallied around our Jackie.  Everyone from our town of Boiling Springs/Carlisle to the medical staff at Geisinger to the students and staff at Bloomsburg U and South Middleton School District to our friends and family including work families, clergy and even people we do not know.

This outpouring of support is incredible and even though we may never be able to appropriately thank all of you, please know how much we are touched by your generosity and support.  We can’t wait for Jackie to realize how many people love him and are praying for his recovery.

As hoped, the rest of the day was fairly quiet.  Jackie’s central line that was in since he was admitted was removed as well as the last tube that was going down his throat.  Jackie is still coughing quite a bit on the trach, and still remains on the cooling blanket and is shivering on and off.  They are working to get the blanket cool enough to keep the temp down, but warm enough to stop the shivering.  So far it is working.  They are keeping an eye on the blood clot and successfully administered Jackie’s first two feedings through his new feeding tube.

I’m sure Jackie is pulling his strength from faith and you, our huge community of support and for that we are forever grateful.