Wednesday, March 5

I sit here in Jackie’s room and look outside at cars driving by, realizing life and normal routines are still reality for many people.  With just one phone call our routine has drastically changed.  Whether you spill your coffee on the way to work or your computer is running slow, or your hair didn’t go the way you wanted, realize that these are very small things.  Appreciate what you have and celebrate your blessings every day.

Jackie finally had a fairly peaceful night.  He still had a temp so shivered on and off.  His heart rate jumps when he coughs, but then he settles down and is ok.  He was able to go all night without being on the vent.  Huge win!

He is still handling his nutrition through his feeding tube well, so the plan is to gradually increase the amount until he is up to the goal intake level.

It looks like he will be moving to a new room later this afternoon.  He is moving to the LTAC section of the hospital.  This is a long term acute care area that will help bridge Jackie to the point of time when he is ready for rehab.

I will provide more details on the move and his new home in the hospital tonight.  Please continue to send positive thoughts and prayers his way as we enter a new phase of his recovery.