Wednesday, March 5 – Part Two

We all know the phrase – the only thing that is constant is change.  That is holding true for Jackie’s care as well.  We were very accustomed to the AICU (Adult Intensive Care Unit) and the care that Jackie was receiving there.  But since he is now off the vent, it was time to move.  

The best place for Jackie was to move him to a long term acute care facility which just happens to reside within Geisenger.  It is a separate company, but they work closely with the medical staff at the hospital. They will work with us to get Jackie ready for the rehab phase of his treatment.

I must say the transition was not as smooth as we had hoped.  But by the end of the day we resolved most of our questions and Jim is bunking with Jackie on a cot beside his bed.

Jackie still has a temp so is on the cooling blanket once again.  He went through the entire day without being on the vent and plans are to do the same tonight! He is still coughing a lot on his trach.

He still hasn’t opened his eyes.  We are hoping that happens sometime this week. He is also withstanding his nutrition and has reached his hourly goals.

Every day holds new challenges and things to learn – today’s change was like the high jump vs the hurdle.  Ultimately all part of the course to recovery.

Thanks for your positive thoughts and prayers.