Thursday, March 6

Jim’s night with Jackie went fairly well in the new room.  An ICU nurse who typically picks up extra hours in this specialty hospital was attending to Jackie.  This was the best thing that could happen.  She helped us and Jackie positively transition to this new environment.

Jackie still has a temp, but it is low grade enough at this point that they turned off the cooling blanket in hopes that his shivering will stop.  His peg/feeding tube looks a little red so we are watching it.

We just met with the doc who will be following him and feel we are aligned with the care she is recommending.  We are going to stop the main pain med and just use Tylenol.  Hopefully this will help Jackie get out of the fog and open his eyes.

Jackie had another successful night off the vent and is being helped by very little oxygen which travels over his trach opening.

The marathon continues.  Thanks for all the prayers and support.  Will post again tonight.