Thursday, March 6 – Part Two

“Life is the ultimate marathon for it’s the moments that make up the journey”

We have experienced many different moments today.

Jackie’s temp did not want to stay down.  He has been on the cooling blanket all day and is now getting two meds to keep it where it needs to be. This seems to be working.

After looking at the red areas around his peg/feeding tube the team decided to do a procedure to ensure it was placed correctly in his stomach.  The result of the test confirmed it is in the right place.  We thought we were good to go until a CAT scan was also ordered to take another look.  A couple hours prior to the test, Jackie got sick. We were concerned his body would not be able to handle the contrast dye for the test but it did.  We should get the results back tomorrow morning.

His major pain med was stopped in hopes that we would soon see some neuro improvements like opening his eyes.  We are still waiting – maybe tomorrow.

The docs are still keeping a close eye on Jackie’s blood clot. He continues to do well off the vent and is still having productive coughs with the trach.

Physical therapy came and moved Jackie to a chair.  Near the end of the two hours, his fever spiked so he went back in bed.  The nurse said it is a lot of work for Jackie’s body to sit in the chair – she equated it to running a marathon.  He is staying strong.

Other moments we experienced today included many acts of generosity, friendship and support.  We also watched a newscast from back home showing a level of community support that is just unbelievable.

We are so blessed to have your support and prayers. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.