Wednesday, March 12

It is hard to believe Jackie has been in the Select Specialty Hospital for a week now.  We have been able to get to know several members of the staff and they are very loving care givers. Their goal is to not only work on getting Jackie medically but also mentally and physically ready to enter TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Rehab.  It is too soon to tell how long we will be here.

This morning started out on a steep hill climb.  Around 4:30am Jackie started coughing and got sick.  It took about an hour and a half to get him settled down. The Respiratory Therapy Team had to temporarily move him back to oxygen.  Around 9:30am they took him down for an x-ray and a CAT scan.  The x-rays showed that his digestive system is sleeping a little due to the procedure he had done on his feeding tube in the OR.  We are hoping this resolves itself soon as this may be part of the reason why Jackie is getting sick.

Initial reads on the CAT scan are showing no additional bleeding in the brain due to the blood thinners.  Great news!  (PTL) We will be following up with the Neuro team later today for a more complete CAT report.

As I am writing, Jackie is resting comfortably.  The speech and physical therapy teams will hopefully be in to see Jackie later today. Even though this is taxing for him, it is needed to help him and his body wake up.

If anyone in your family or any of your friends are in the medical profession, give them some thanks today.  Until you are in the position we are, you don’t realize just how special they are.

As always, I will post later tonight.  Thanks for the positive thoughts, prayers and support.