Friday, March 21 – Part Two

Jackie ended up sitting in his chair two different times today.  He seems to really like being out of bed and as long as his heart rate stays at good levels, he can stay sitting.  His neck is starting to get stronger as he can lift it slightly.  We are also coaching him to hold on to the side rails of the bed when the staff turns him.

The Neuro team ordered a CAT scan to check on the fluid in the front left of Jackie’s brain.  Early reads are promising, but we are waiting to hear back from the team for their thoughts on next steps.  Jackie’s transfer to Rehab will need to be coordinated by all of his teams of docs.  Our goal is to get him to McGee as soon as he is able, but only when he is ready in every way.

Jackie’s Nana, Jim’s Mom, is here and I am so glad she was able to see Jackie laugh even if it was only for a second or two. He only did this two times later today. I could get used to seeing this all the time!

One of Jackie’s other ICU nurses is sitting with him for a couple hours.  Jim and I are catching a quick nap and then heading back to the hospital.

As I am almost falling asleep typing this, I will keep it short tonight.  Your positive thoughts and prayers are working.  Thank you!