Saturday, March 22

Jackie’s night was restful to a point. He slept a little bit for Stephanie and then for Jim. He was active for me from about 4am until 9:00am.   We are going to work on helping him sleep more hours tonight, possibly by playing softer music and keeping the lights low.  Between his blood draws and his meds, the best time for him to be able to sleep is from midnight until 3am and 3:30am until 6am.

Another weekend is upon us.  As I mentioned in previous posts the activity in the hospital slows down.  Since Jackie’s CAT scan was taken late afternoon yesterday, we will now need to wait until Monday to review it with the team.  Hopefully next week we will have a better idea on when Jackie will be moving to Magee. (I think I spelled this incorrectly in previous posts – I’ll just attribute it to sleep deprivation)

This morning when Jackie was getting some meds through his feeding tube he lifted his head higher than I have seen it before.  It is still not that high, but a huge improvement from before.  His eyes are starting to open more as well.

Lindsay and Florent are now here and they brought a football for Jackie.  It is amazing, his hand immediately searched to find the laces.  He is unable to throw it but just the fact that he obviously recognizes that it is a football is wonderful!

He is now in his chair.  We plan to give him a break in bed and then have him sit in the chair later this afternoon.

I hope you can slow down your activities this weekend and take time to enjoy the small things.

Will post later tonight.