Monday, March 24 – Part Two

A side step

Jackie did not seem like he felt well today.  In fact we noticed that over the weekend his heart rate was elevated more than usual and it just seemed liked something wasn’t right.  We attributed it to possible over stimulation from two busy days of visitors, but today we realized it must be something else.  He does not seem to be as alert and his responses although still there were slowing down.

The PT team came in and started working with him.  They were off this weekend and also noticed a change in Jackie.  Their session was cut short due to his elevated heart rate and he also got sick.  He was given something to settle his stomach which also helped him relax while sitting in his chair.

Lenora came in and decided to have a short session.  Jackie did not tolerate the speaking valve very well today so she took it off.  He had it on initially when he started his PT session and we actually heard some small growls but we soon had to take it off due to his coughing.  A bright spot today was when Jackie was able to move a very small piece of ice around in his mouth and swallow it. A big baby step! PTL

We moved Jackie back in bed and he rested on and off.  His system was still not moving so more meds were given to help.

The Neuro team stopped by and since Grandma and Grandpa were here we went into the waiting room to talk.  The collection of fluid in Jackie’s brain was getting larger.  This is starting to impair his neuro functions.  The team has decided to put a drain in his back to drain off some of the excess fluid.  The hope is that it will promote drainage from the brain.  We will be discharged from the Specialty Hospital and readmitted to Geisinger.  This move is scheduled for tomorrow morning as the procedure will be done sometime tomorrow.  After a couple days the team should be able to tell if the drain is working and we will go from there.  The doc said we shouldn’t think of this as a step back, but instead consider it a side step.

We still plan to move to Magee, it is just going to be delayed at this point.

Thank you for continuing to keep Jackie in your thoughts and prayers.  I’ll provide more updates as the day progresses tomorrow.  It is best if Jackie does not have any visitors the rest of this week as we get through this next phase of his treatment.  Thanks for understanding.