Tuesday, March 25

A Plan

As we were waiting to move to Jackie’s new room, I decided that I would let everyone know we still did not have any additional information than what I had shared last night.  Just as I was getting ready to publish the new post the neurosurgeon who performed Jackie’s surgery walked in.

We now have a plan.  We will move to his new room sometime later today.  Tomorrow Jackie will have the Lumbar drain inserted.  The Neuro team will keep a close eye on the drainage and we will go from there.  There are additional steps in the plan, which I will share as they unfold.  It was so nice to be able to talk with and give a big hug to one of the surgeons who has given Jackie a chance to recover.

Jackie slept his usual 3 hours and was active for the remainder of the night.  He was very strong and determined to itch his head.  For many reasons, the docs do not want him to do that.  This creates some interesting moments for us as Jackie still has good strength in his right arm.  This is something to be celebrated.

Jackie seems like he is feeling a little better today.  His heart rate and blood pressure are still a little higher than usual.  Jim actually got him to laugh during a thumb wrestling session this morning.  We haven’t seen that for three days.  I’m grateful Jackie seems to be stronger today as he heads into this procedure.

We are so grateful for all of your support.  Thanks for your positive thoughts and prayers.  Will provide an update tonight.