Tuesday, March 25 – Part Two


It is now almost 11pm and we just got settled into our room.  We are in a semi-private room, separated by a curtain in the Special Care Unit on the 4th floor.  It is a tight space with just enough room for one chair on either side of Jackie’s bed.  This area is one step down from the Intensive Care Unit.  The sounds of the bells and alarms is similar to the ICU.  We are hoping to get one of the two private rooms if they become available.  This is our third transition to a different room since we have been in the hospital.  Considering all the added stimulations, Jackie is hanging in there.

We will miss the friends we have made at Select Specialty and thank them for providing such loving care during Jackie’s stay with them.

They have stopped his blood thinning meds in preparation for the procedure tomorrow.  His nutritional feedings have also been stopped.

Thank you for continuing to keep Jackie in your thoughts and prayers.  It is still best if Jackie does not have any visitors the rest of this week as we get through this next phase of his treatment.  I will post again tomorrow.