Alright bud, you got this.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.34.02 AMJackie, this week has begun quite like those in the early mile of your marathon. It has been a roller-coaster of emotions day in and day out. Florent and I were able to be there with you and see first-hand the wonders of recovery and saw amazing progress in the days we were apart from you last week. I think, no I know, that is what is making this more difficult than other days to be away from your side. It isn’t fair what happened to you and I will live each day haunted by what was done. However, nothing can change the past so the best way to go about the days is to accept what you can’t change and not waste energy on anything but moving forward, making the most of what we now have in front of us. You are still here to laugh with, talk to, say I love you – in your own way, play catch with, share stories and most importantly fist bumping with explosion (obviously).

Right now you are getting ready to jump through another obstacle on your marathon run but know that you will get through this, we will get through this. As a part of the Lithgow family you are already aware that quitting or giving up is not in our vocabulary. We keep fighting, running, jumping and pacing ourselves as best we can to reach that finish line. Some day, sooner rather than later I hope, you will be able to pace yourself in a different way. You will get the opportunity to walk and talk again just like old times.

You are loved by so many people in this world and have continued to inspire us all to live the best life we possibly can. Nothing is more important than love, family, strength and hope in good things to come. I wish every day that I could switch places with you and take all of your confusion, frustration and pain away even if it is just for a moment. You did not deserve this and I am so, so sorry that you ever had to go through this. You are my hero, little brother.

You got this and every new obstacle that may come your way. Hang in there, everything will be okay.

Love you and miss you so much,

– Sis