Wednesday, March 26

The Plan Continues…

Jackie’s night was a little more restless but considering the new surroundings he did well.  This morning we talked him through the procedure he was getting and explained how he would have to be positioned to get the drain in.

They created a sterile environment and did the procedure at his bed. Everything went well.  PTL. The drain was placed in his spine and is currently clamped shut.  Each  hour a certain amount of spinal fluid will be released into a measuring bag hanging on an IV pole.  This should help drain some of the excess fluid from his brain.

The docs feel this should drain enough fluid in order to put his skull bone flaps back in.  The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.  Initially we thought we would have to wait longer to have them replaced.  I’ll share more details about the surgery in my next posts.

We are now working with the Geisinger case worker to coordinate Jackie’s transition to Magee.  We want to get everything started so we are ready to go when he is.

I am learning how to handle transitions better but will always be Jackie’s voracious advocate.  I’ll post again later tonight.