Friday, March 28 – Part Two

Thanks to the pain meds, Jackie rested a little more comfortably today.  His left eye is completely swollen shut and he can open his right eye just a tiny bit.

Earlier in the day OT/PT therapists stopped by.  We miss the dynamic duo of Tara and Eric.  They cannot work with us now since Jackie is back in Geisinger.  Jackie had just fallen asleep when they stopped by so they came back after seeing another patient.  They had hopes to work with Jackie in bed and then get him out in a chair, but Jackie was tired and not feeling well.  They did a small session with his legs and arms in bed and plan to come back tomorrow.  I’m not sure Jackie will be up for it.

Lenora, ST, stopped by mid afternoon.  We thought we would give it a try.  Despite how he felt, he pushed on and had a good session with her.  She did oral care, gave him two very small pieces of ice and worked with his hand communications and also asked him to respond to some questions.  He wore his speaking valve, but other than a low growl did not produce any sounds.

We continue to give Jackie meds to help his system move.  The surgery has slowed things down once again. I just hope he does not have discomfort tonight.

Jackie is scheduled for another CAT scan tomorrow morning.  We are still waiting to get a review of this mornings scan.

Thank you for keeping Jackie in your prayers.  I’ll post again tomorrow.