Thursday, May 1

Booted out of ICU

As much as we would have liked to stay in the larger ICU room with a smaller patient to nurse ratio, it was time to move back to the Intermediate Intensive Care Unit.  All a good sign that Jackie is getting back on track and doing better.  We are still in the hallway just outside the NICU and are actually in the room right next door to the one we were before.  We have the same view of a beautiful old brick apartment building that used to be a hotel at one time. We now have the big window back and this time have a cushion on the window seat.  Even though it is narrow, Jim managed to take some of is nap on it last night without falling off.  Despite the move later in the night, Jackie managed to get some rest.

Morning routines and docs visits happened like clockwork and we were ready to start a new day in the new digs.  We spent part of the morning organizing the room as space is limited.  We listened to some of Jackie’s music and just chilled, enjoying some sun that was coming through the window, a welcome sight after the last two days of April showers.

We knew ST would not be ale to come today, so we worked with Jackie to complete his mouth care.

PT/OT consisted of sitting on the side of the bed and working on core strength.  He also worked on holding himself in a sitting position by using his arm strength.  The lift system needed repair, so Jackie had a longer than normal bedside workout.  Once fixed, Jackie was hoisted into the wheelchair and we took him to the glassed- in walk bridge again.  Just getting out of his room and out of bed is such a wonderful thing.  We wheeled him into the sunshine and he propped his leg on the metal railing.  Albeit a small sign but one that tells me the old Jackie is in there just waiting to break out of the body that has imprisoned him for such a long time.

Jackie was exhausted from the pre-workout and ride and gave us the thumbs up that he wanted to get back in bed vs sit in the chair for a while.

A highlight of the day was when Jim looked at Jackie and said, “I have my eyes on you.” When he said this he pointed two fingers at his eyes and one back at Jackie.  Almost instantaneously, Jackie responded back with pointing two fingers at his eyes and one back at Jim.  We laughed so hard.  Each day we are seeing more small glimpses of our Jackie coming back to life.

Nana and John were here today and the girls and guys took turns taking a quick lunch break down in the hospital cafeteria.  While Nana and I were eating she mentioned how much we take our brains, which control everything, for granted.  Jim and I see the reality of TBI every day and its impact on every single part of the body and it’s functions.

Take care of your brain, work it hard but give it rest.  When injured or stressed even licking your lips can be a monumental task.