Friday, May 2

Consistent Progress

Jackie’s night was a little restless.   I think he was feeling uncomfortable as we are working on getting his system moving again.

Today we had visits from many specialty docs. Everyone feels Jackie is making great progress.  PTL. The Infectious Disease docs feel that if Jackie continues with positive test results, he should be cleared for surgery early next week.  At this point, we believe he will be getting a shunt, but know by now to just take things one day at a time.

The docs are still draining spinal fluid once an hour from his Lumbar Drain.  This will most likely continue until we get closer to his surgery.

With the Lumbar Drain in mind, we decided to just move Jackie to his chair and take a short ride to the glassed-in walk way for his PT session.  Getting out of the room would allow the hospital staff to fix a broken light above Jackie ‘s bed.  The trip did not last very long as Jackie tired out quickly.  When asked if he wanted to stay in the chair or go to bed, he gave a thumbs up to go to bed.  The lift that was fixed yesterday now needed repair again so we had to move to an alternate solution to get Jackie back in bed.

Jackie took a cat nap after his PT session and woke up ready for speech.  He ate chocolate pudding again and enjoyed every bite.  He also learned some basic sign language to try to help us communicate with him better until he can talk.

Our furry friend Visa stopped by again today.  Due to Jackie’s infection the therapy dogs cannot come in the room.  We wheeled his bed close to the door and turned him a little to the side so could get a close look.  I must admit, seeing Visa was good therapy for me as well.

Today was a sad day as Jim took the Septa train to attend a funeral to say goodbye to a dear family friend, Mrs. Lynch.  Her son, who passed away when he was 16, was Jim’s best friend growing up. Our Jackie is his namesake.  Trudy, we will miss you but are glad you are finally united with your Jackie once again.

Embrace life, be kind, celebrate the small stuff every day.