Sunday, June 22

Small, good things make big, good things happen.

The statement above is one of the things Jackie remembered and recalled quickly. This was something his high school basketball coach told the members of the team all the time.  It is similar to taking baby steps but takes it one step further.  Pat and Jen, friends of Jim and mine before the kids were even born, visited us yesterday and were so proud of Jackie and the progress he has made.  Coach and Jackie were talking and reminisced about how applicable that statement is even now.   Jackie has been working hard and making good progress each day.  This progress, though small, is building into big results.

Today was an unusually busy day.  Because of a follow up doctor appointment on Monday, Jackie will be missing therapy sessions.  The make up sessions were held today to keep him on course. He started the day with OT.  Paula worked with him on getting dressed.  She also helped hold him in a standing position at the sink so he could brush his teeth.  An incredible sight to see.  PTL

Since Jackie’s breakfast was cold at this point, we took him down to the cafeteria, had them warm up his plate and picked up some breakfast for ourselves. It was fairly quiet since we were there near closing time and we ate our breakfasts together.  The experience was Jackie’s second for the cafe and was another good one.

We came back upstairs for morning meds and then it was time for PT.  Jackie spent time with a therapist who we had never met before.  She was very nice and worked with Jackie on transfers and standing. She then teamed up with Jenna our recreational therapist and they worked with Jackie to play Wii golf in both a standing and sitting position. He had a great time.

As we were leaving the gym, a speech therapist who was new to Jackie came to pick us up and worked with him for the next hour. She received her masters from Bloomsburg so there was a nice connection to get things started. They worked on word search games and played scategories.  All exercises that are good for the memory.

We decided to see how Jackie would do eating lunch in the cafe.  I wouldn’t say it was a huge success, but was ok.  There were many distractions so we finished lunch in his room.  Jackie was absolutely exhausted but before we moved him in bed for his nap he was weighed.  He gained weight once again and is now 135 pounds!  PTL

Jackie took a very long nap.  I think between his long day yesterday and his therapy sessions today he was extremely tired.  We woke him up for dinner and he was still sleepy.  He did not eat near as much as normal.  At 5:15 he said he was ready for bed.  With a quick trip to the second floor terrace, a shower and some US soccer action, we were able to hold him off until 8pm.

It was a day of small, good things.  Thanks Coach for reminding Jackie of a high school reference that has turned out to be a life lesson.