Monday, June 23

Good News

Today Jackie was out of his routine.  He had a morning CAT scan and follow up appointment with his neurosurgeon.  He was up early and ready for breakfast when the trays arrived.  After morning meds and a short wait, the transport van was here to take us to his appointments.  Our last transport for a doc visit before this was not a positive experience.  From a fast, bumpy initial ride to waiting hours for pick up, things could only get better this time.  Our first driver this morning had been on the job for years and was wonderful.  Coming home was bumpier, but overall a much better experience.

The CAT scan was nothing new for Jackie so he got through it without any problems.  We transported Jackie in his wheelchair so Jim had to transfer him from the chair to the CT table.  We were in and out in no time.  Since we were early for the doc appointment, I asked if there was any way we could get in to see the doc early, and we did.  We we’re back at Magee in time for a late lunch.

The results of the CAT scan looked good!  Jackie’s office exam also went well.  PTL! We are now scheduled for another CAT scan at the end of August and plans are for surgery sometime in September.  The timing is what it needs to be so in the meantime we will continue to work hard getting the left side to start moving more.  The doc, Jim and I believe that the left side will become stronger post surgery.  Patience.

Since Jackie did not have any scheduled PT sessions, Jim stretched out his muscles and then he settled in for a needed nap.  We hung out on the 6th floor terrace prior to dinner.  It was beautiful out. We sat in the shade and had some impromptu conversations with some staffers.  Next up was dinner, desert on the terrace and then art therapy.  Jackie made a sign for his room door.  The boys were laughing as they vetoed all of what I thought were clever ideas.

The sign is now on the door, evening meds are done and Jackie is sleeping.  He seemed to lighten up after we returned from the appointment.  I am still not sure how much of this entire journey he has internalized.   I do know we are being truthful with him and will help him get through each new day.

Thank you for following Jackie on his marathon.  I hope his journey helps you appreciate each new day and all the simple but truly amazing things in your lives.