Monday, July 28

Monday, Monday

For those of you who work a typical week, Monday is usually the least favorite of the days. It is the first day of the week and signifies the end of the weekend.  I would have to say, we felt that way as the day progressed.

Once again we had a slow start. Jackie had a hard time focusing on breakfast.  He did not seem to have much of an appetite and was having some difficulty getting the food on his utensils.  After a conversation with Paula, OT, later in the day, we are wondering if Jackie’s old eating habits are starting to surface.  He never was a big breakfast eater. I could barely get him to eat a breakfast bar. These old habits are actually good because it is a sign his brain is starting to reconnect and process as it had before.  Now, because of his meds, we like him to eat a decent breakfast.  This morning it took a while, but he did.

Becca split her hour in two so Jackie could spend a half hour with the staff psychologist.  In their first half hour together Becca and Jackie tallied up the cheese steak challenge data and the winner is – Jim’s.  Jackie will be getting a cheese steak from there for lunch sometime this week!  She spent her second half hour with Jackie at lunch.  She wanted to observe what was going on herself.

Jim and I grabbed lunch at the cafe and brought it up to the room. Becca and Jackie were done at around 12:30.  Becca said he got tired and basically shut down half way through lunch.  This had happened to us before so we got him into bed for a nap.  We kept our eye on the time as we had to get him up in time to take the meds he missed at lunch and be ready for OT at 3pm.  We were able to get everything done and were ready for his therapy session.  Jim and I headed to our case managers office to review more details surrounding Jackie’s discharge.

We had just finished the meeting and moved to the sitting area outside the fourth floor gym when the resident came to get us.  Jackie had gotten sick during OT.  We got back to the room quickly,  It took a while for his stomach to settle down. Paula stayed with us and then came back to check on Jackie before she left.

We kept Jackie in bed for the rest of the night.  He had a fairly peaceful night. PTL. We will look at today as a brand new day and take things one step at a time.