Tuesday, July 29


Today seemed like it was a repeat of yesterday.  Jackie woke up and was sluggish.  We gave him a light breakfast and his morning meds.  We have been talking daily with Dr. K’s resident since he is on vacation.  She is doing a great job for being so new to Magee.

It took Jackie a while to get through breakfast so we pushed back speech.  Becca said Jackie was not speaking much and when he did it was softer than normal.  They watched YouTube and it made Jackie laugh, not like usual but at least he seemed happy.  He went right from speech to PT.  Erin is out until Thursday, so her manager Mark is working with Jackie.  Mark has many years of experience and helped Jackie complete a successful session. Paula was also in the gym checking on Jackie and speaking with Mark.

We brought him back to the room and he ate a light lunch.  We wanted to get some food in him before he took his afternoon meds.  Jackie is still having system issues so we went downstairs for a follow up X-ray.  As soon as it was over Jackie got sick. We got him back up to his room and got him in bed.  We are working on helping his system start moving.  Jackie is also getting a cat scan tomorrow and has an appointment with his neurosurgeon.

We continue to encourage Jackie and remind him that all of this is temporary.  We just need to be patient and eventually long term goals will once again be attainable.  Our short term goal of going home on Friday has now been pushed back.  A new date has not been determined.

Be happy in the moment and work on patience.  You never know when you will need to dig deep and wait for something that seems like it will take forever to achieve.