Wednesday, July 30


Jackie fell asleep later than normal and had to get up early to be transported to his CAT scan and doctors appointment.  The team felt it was best to transport him via stretcher.  We were not sure how long we were going to be gone so they thought he may be more comfortable this way.  We have transported him both ways and based on the bad condition of  inner city Philly streets, transportation via stretcher makes it a less bumpy ride.  The transportation company was running 45 minutes late, but we managed to get the CAT scan done first and then go to another building a couple blocks away for the doc appointment.  Jackie got sick after the CAT scan.  His neurosurgeon thought Jackie looked stable, PTL, and we are to just hold the course until the surgery.  He is hopeful as we are, that Jackie’s left side will re-engage post surgery.  Time will tell.

On the way back to Magee Jackie got sick again.  We got him up to his room and got him in bed to rest.  More measures were being taken to get his system back on track.  We were counting on them as Jackie cannot keep much down and we don’t want dehydration to set in.

Jackie missed all of his sessions today except for OT.  Paula worked with him at 2pm.  We thought getting him moving again would be good.  Since Jackie was skipping dinner until we could get things resolved, we decided to try some warmth and sunshine on the second floor terrace.  After a short stay we went back up to the room.  Jackie took a shower and got back in bed. Things started to move, but we have a long way to go.  We are giving him nausea meds to hopefully allow him to eat more.

This is just another hurdle Jackie needs to cross on this marathon. We continue to go day by day as it is easier for all of us.  Even though this is a set back we continue to  progress closer to his surgery, which could help speed up Jackie’s pace to get him to the finish line.

As always, thanks for your continued positive thoughts, prayers and support.